Jason is a 34 year old father of three

(Paisley-9, Georgia-7, and Bowdy-4),

married to Krista for over 13 years. His

childhood was spent in the Northern

suburb of Coon Rapids with both his

biological parents and younger brother,

in a stable and caring home. While he was

occasionally exposed to church (Lutheran),

it never made a lasting impact on him. It

wasn’t until his teenage years that he

returned to church on his own, seeking to

find “something more” to life. It was a

clear understanding of the message of

depravity that led Jason to surrender his

life to Jesus in his teen years.


Krista grew up in a similar setting- a stable home in Champlin with both her biological parents and brother. It was in her teen years that she was introduced to YoungLife, and eventually came to Christ through that ministry.


Krista and Jason met while in high school together and maintained an interconnected group of friends. It wasn’t until after Krista graduated that they started spending serious relational time together, but they had both been praying about the relationship for some time. They married in February of 2007.


Since then, Jason and Krista have maintained an active and growing relationship with Christ. They joined a small church plant in Prior Lake after moving to the South metro 13 years ago and started volunteering with the youth ministry there. It was through that church, and more specifically the youth pastor and his wife’s intentional discipleship of Jason and Krista, that Jason realized his call to ministry. This led to them eventually leading that youth group (as volunteers), which grew into a paid position in 2011. Jason attended the Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry during his time as youth pastor and graduated with his Master’s of Ministry in the spring of 2015. His entire time in ministry was spent with the same core church, growing from a small plant in a middle school auditorium to eventually re-launching under a new name, and moving to its own building. During those years, Jason was heavily involved in the leadership of the church and in working to grow a church plant.

Jason’s roles at the church varied greatly and changed frequently, adjusting to the needs of the congregation as the church grew. He moved from a focus solely on students to a combined role where he also led adult classes and preached occasionally to the adult congregation. These duties continued to increase to the point where Jason became an Associate Pastor of Youth and Families, preaching several times per year, leading small groups and classes, and working closely with both youth and adults in discipleship.


During the spring and summer of 2017, through prayerful consideration, Jason knew that he was being called to lead a church in the South Metro area.

Krista and Jason have shared in ministry throughout their life together. They are highly relational and are well connected to their family, friends, and community.