At Home Church we believe in some key doctrines that are clearly provided and taught to us in the Holy Scriptures (the Bible). These are the things we make a "big deal" about.


While it makes for interesting social media banter, we choose not to engage in lengthy sermons, discussions, or arguments about things that simply aren't essential to salvation and Christian living.

At Home Church, we believe in:


•  The Eternal Triune God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  o  Jesus Christ is the son of God (and the physical manifestation of God). We believe in the Biblical account of His conception, birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and future return. He is our intercessor and judge.

  o  The Holy Spirit as the ‘do-er’ of the Trinity, who convicts, leads, empowers, helps, sustains, and sanctifies us.

•  The Holy Scriptures as entirely inspired and inerrant, by which we know the doctrines essential to salvation.

•  The doctrines of depravity and prevenient grace.

  o  Depravity (being void of holiness) describes our fallen, sinful state by birth/inheritance, and

  o  God’s prevenient grace alone is what allows a depraved person to see, know, and be saved by Jesus.

•  The saving work of Jesus as perfect and sufficient payment for the penalty of sin, for those who are willing to repent of sin and receive forgiveness.

  o  Once this repentance and acceptance occurs, a person is justified before God (seen as blameless), made new by the power of the Holy Spirit, and adopted into the family of God evermore.

  o  We believe in the security of a believer; that any future sins are also forgivable, and, upon repentance in faith, we can be cleansed again and again. God's grace is unending.

•  Sanctification is the continuing work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life to lead away from sin and toward holiness.

•  Good works as a necessary byproduct of those who have been saved by the grace of God.

•  The importance of the local church for the growth and encouragement of believers, as well as the hope and guiding light to a lost and broken world.

•  The 2 sacraments ordained by Jesus:

  o  Baptism- the outward declaration of inner cleansing from sin, representing new spiritual birth in Christ.

  o  The Lord’s Supper (communion)- the remembrance of, and sharing in, the suffering of Jesus as his body was broken and blood shed for our forgiveness.

•  Miraculous healing as evidence of God’s sovereignty, and that it can be sought (not expected) in accordance with His divine will.

•  The Lord’s Day and public worship;

  o  That it is a privilege to gather with others to glorify and worship His greatness,

  o  While at the same time resting from the toil of unnecessary work.

•  Our future resurrection and judgement, as described in the Scriptures.

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