Home Church is built on the foundation of family. It was the connectedness of a small church that kept Jason and Krista going back to a new church plant that they had discovered years ago. Showing up every week was a joy- it was a breath of fresh air in a world polluted with distractions and lies. The people there were genuine. They were welcoming. They didn't act like they had it all together and that visitors had to "shape up." It was a place of refuge and healing.

That is exactly the church that we seek to build for Lakeville and the surrounding area. 


We join together on Sunday mornings for a little over an hour. Come a bit early and get some fresh, hot coffee. When you settle in, you can expect contemporary worship music and a message straight from the truth of scripture. The Arts Center has a beautifully renovated sanctuary (formerly a Catholic Church) with cushioned auditorium seating, modern light and sound system, and climate control. We also give everything away- there's no charge for coffee, a Bible, shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, etc!


  • We seek to be a church that is a connected family

    • Where no child should feel fatherless

    • Where husbands and wives can connect to each other and be encouraged on the
      journey of marriage together

    • Where we can share our struggles and faults without the fear of judgment or scorn

    • Where those without a worldly biological family can find people who genuinely love and care about them

  • We seek to be a church that welcomes others in gladly

    • Where there is always a place at the table for more company

    • Where those searching for a "church home" can find a welcoming place to stay

    • Where grace abounds and judgement has no place

  • We seek to be a church that defies common (mis)perceptions about finances 

    • Where radical generosity is normal

    • Where status and prestige aren't based on possessions or wealth

  • Above all else, we will be a family desperately seeking the grace and forgiveness of God together

    • Where those who are seeking can connect to the God who has died to save them

    • Where those who have made up their own religion (or given up on it all together) can find the Truth

    • Where those growing in their faith can discover, learn, and mature

    • Where we will raise up the next generation of Christ followers together

    • Where no one will ever "arrive" this side of eternity